Alice Hwang is a graphic designer based in the (+44)United Kingdom working in the creative industry. She has worked on a range of projects in the fields of branding, visual communication, and creative contents.

1Nike Korea
Team, Branding

3Karma Books
4Nike Japan “Sherpa
6The Black Cat
7Sidewalk Souvenirs

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Sidewalk Souvenirs

Sidewalk Souvenirs is a game that challenges players to collect random objects on the streets of a city by rolling a chewed gum. It aims to highlight the downside of maerialism in modern society. 

By collecting the objects we typically ignore as trash, players can gain a deeper understading of the necessary elements which are composed of the gigantic city and the debris that metropolitan cities have left. It provieds a unique and unconventional way to explore a city while encouraging players to re-evaluate their relationship with material possisions.

*more updates coming up soon*

Personal Project
Creative Service: Concept direction, Game development, 3d Modeling, Scripting, Game publishing